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Spoons and Spinners

Spoons and Spinners

Spinners and Spoons are the ideal for this season’s fishing excursions and last-minute trips out on the water.

Fishing spoons and spinners have been a very handy part of fishing for any season, but ideally for larger fish like bass, walleye, trout, and salmon.


How this works is by how fishing spoons and spinners are designed, each in a unique way. Spoons are designed in such a way to wobble and produce a reflection to imitate an escaping or injured fish. This tends to attract larger fish like largemouth bass, walleye, trout, and salmon.


Of the spoons they tend to vary as there are casting spoons meant for basic cast and reel back. There are trolling spoons, meant to be trolled slowly through the water and put at varying depths. Topwater and surface spoons are ideal for musky, bass, and pike. Weedless spoons are for fishing in thick covers, designed to keep from snagging and retrieving. Lastly there are jigging spoons which are meant for deep water.


As for spinners, the design is more towards using flash and vibration to attract fish, this comes from a revolving blade that is meant to mimic a small fish. This also takes advantage of a fish’s lateral line which is used to detect water motions and pressure gradients. With the vibration of a spinner, they can detect these vibrations in the water, even when its super murky and shadowed, because of the lateral lines.  


As you can see, spoons and spinners have their desirable qualities and even more importantly, ideal for salmon, trout, and pike fishing. There are many brands to choose from, which is why we want customers of B&J Sporting Goods to make the best decision for your fishing season.


With many to choose from, there are spoons that we make in house at B&J Sporting Goods, Blue Fox Pixee Spoons, Vibrax Spinners and Docs brand of spoons.


Each a different and unique brand to pick from, Blue Fox with an integral construction of their Pixees and Vibrax to Doctor Spoons colorful spoons that come in a variety of spoon widths and colors.


When fishing this season make sure to stop by and pick up a spoon and spinner before it’s too late, and if the fish aren’t biting, make sure to grab some bait too.