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Winter Pole Storage

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Winter Pole Storage

Alaska’s main fishing seasons may be over, but we have some tips from our own professional team of reel and rod techs on storing your fishing gear this winter!

All Alaskans and northern anglers know that when it’s time to put up the pole for the season that a lot can go wrong with your equipment between now and the next fishing season. At B&J Sporting Goods we run the Tackle Repair Shop at our Anchorage location, where the best professional rod and reel repairmen have given us some tips on the importance of winter storage!


Fresh water is key, especially for any salt water equipment, when it comes to storing your pole for the winter, make sure to wipe down your pole with freshwater. Do not cover or wrap your poles or reels, as over the course of time with your pole out of commission any wrapping or bagging can cause moisture to trap around your equipment and cause corrosion. 


We recommend a place where your pole will not be bent or be in exposure to high humidity because of this, a dry closet or place in your home where your equipment will not be distrubed or catch moisture is ideal for storing your pole.


For reels, you will spend the most time cleaning to make sure no corrosion or build up from the summer damages the interior. It is recommended to soak your reels in freshwater or rinse them for fifteen minutes, just to knock out any loose dirt, grime or salt water that may be trapped in there. You should also take the time to pop the handle off to clean out the interior better and dry it out to avoid any ice damage from possible freezing during the winter. The side plates and screws should also be given a good look over and cleaning just to make sure your reel does not corrode over winter, this is a number one issue with reel damage from winter storage.


We also recommend oiling the nook and crannies of your reel with WD-40, which is the kind of reed oil you can pick up from our store that helps go the extra mile in corrosion prevention.



And if there are any problems with your reel when the summer season arrives again, you can always give a look at our Tackle Repair Center. You can find our Repair Center’s rates and services here.


Happy Fishing!