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Winter Wear

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Winter Wear

Winter is fast approaching, keep warm and stay dry with these new stock highlights for the season!

With snowfall coming in late this October, we at B&J Sporting Goods have some gear to keep you covered for the weather!

Currently our highlights range from Choko, Helly Hansen, and Baffin boots, as well as many more selections we have available for checking out.


Our highlight of the season is of course, our Helly Hansen Berg insulated winter jackets and Berg bib pants. The Helly Hansen Berg insulated winter jackets are made from 100% polyester, for insulation. Polyester as a material is commonly used for insulation and is well known for being strong, durable, and long lasting as it will not degrade as easily over time unlike other materials and insulators. The Berg insulated winter jackets are not only warm, but they are also lightweight and have a detachable hood, chin guard, an ID card holster, and reflective designs on the coat for visibility.


The Berg bib pants are like the Berg jackets as in they are made with the same insulation, but also are oxford treated polyester to make it more abrasion resistant. What exactly is oxford treated polyester? Oxford treatment is a process of traditional combed cotton fabric that uses a finer high-count yarn to make thicker wefts in yarn in a heavy flat weave. This process of adding and weaving these types of wefts cause the final material to have a waterproof fabric, and a structure that is strong and durable, making the Berg bibs even more durable against tears and rips than normal run of the mill snow bibs. The bibs also have removable shoulder straps, Velcro adjustment cuffs, an elastic waist, fly and zip, two front pockets and a fleece lining on the inside.


Baffin has a wide variety of boots for the everyday active to the leisure wearer in the winter. We currently have a wide selection in stock. We have narrowed down a few that would be good for the season to check out.


The Baffin Wolf are made for everyday winter wear, from shoveling snow, to mountain trekking.  The Baffin Wolfs are made waterproof and insulated. The Wolfs have a double weave 900 denier nylon upper and snow collar to keep the snow out and the warmth in; and the two buckle fasteners for added measure. The rubber bases are made to not only insulate, but be flexible, cold resistant and grip against icy surfaces.


Baffin Selkirks are both lightweight and flexible with extra slip resistance and snowshoe capability. The base of the boot has Icepaw™ designs that are made for improved contact point grip on ice, having a notch above the Wolf’s in terms of technological design added. The Selkirks have a vaporized aluminum membrane for energy reflection and heat regulation to make sure everything is kept warm.


Baffin Impacts are the type of winter boot for long usage in extreme cold weather, built for harsher weather above Selkirks, and with a similar double buckle and collar system to the Wolfs, the Impacts are twice as fitted for insulation and ice resistance.


Finally, in stock we have Choko brand kid snow suits, we have plenty of Choko branded jackets and more on the way, but there is always room for highlighting the Choko brand gear for kids. Whether it is for your tiny tot to junior sizing, Choko snow suits for kids are built for being reflective, warm, and fit to keep your kid comfortable when they go play outside this winter.


So, whether you are shopping for yourself or your kids, come on down to B&J Sporting Goods and see what we have in store!