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Women's Waders

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Women's Waders

Women have been needing a reliable source of waders for years and with the right guide and equipment there is plenty of fun to be had for women this summer with the right gear!

Women’s Waders


Waders have been a very crucial and important part of fishing from flyfishing to dip netting, it is an integral part of any angler’s arsenal for catching fish and keeping dry in deep waters. For women and most fishers that have had a tough time finding waders that fit their body type, until recently the limit to waders and their sizes were exclusively made for men with a limiting size selection from the chest to height measurements.


          At B&J’s Sporting Goods we are proud to offer a variety of women’s waders and sizes, from a selection of long fit waders to short ones and even plus size for all women. With this new and exciting development in the Wader world, B&J’s Sporting Goods has multiple brands to offer the women of Alaska!

Miss Mayfly


-Chameleon color technology

-13 different sizes including plus sizes

-Diverse range in petit sizing to tall

-Made from Polyflex fabric

-Comes in its own carrying bag

-Convertible chest to waist comfort suspender system.

-Waterproof zipper pocket with a key clip

-Adjustable bust drawstring

-Neoprene booties

-Double layering in the lower legs with air ventilation

Miss Mayfly Chest Waders



-4 layer construction that’s breathable

-Stretch fabric at the sides and back for comfort

-4mm neoprene booties

-Water resistant pouch

-Fleece lined hand pockets

Redington Chest Waders

Pro Line


-3.5 mm neoprene booties

-Double kneepads

-Outside pocket

-Quick release buckles

Pro Line Chest Waders


Our Recommendation:


          Here at B&J’s Sporting Goods we want what waders work best for you, but we also want our customers to pick the waders that are comfortable, safe, and secure. For that, we recommend the Miss Mayfly Waders, not only were they are the first company made for women by women, but the quality and selections of these waders are meant in mind to fit more than just the three-standard sizing. The polyflex fabric on these waders are meant to stretch and keep tears and abrasions at bay so there is less possibilities of injury or harm to the wearer.


With the Miss Mayfly waders, not only would you be able to find a pair that can fit your body type, but also be able to camouflage better into the environment with their chameleon color fabric; made just for blending in when you are out fishing. Not only that, but the Miss Mayfly waders are made in mind for adjustment and comfort, the ideal for any woman going fishing this summer. So us down at B&J Sporting Goods encourage you, whether you are shopping for yourself, a friend or a loved one to get a pair of Miss Mayfly's waders.